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Life happens away from the computer.

Don’t let technology take over your life. Have technology amplify it.


Find others both online and locally who want the same things you do.


Make something happen. Create a community, start something.


Join with others, help build something great.

About Us

Peerity is a social connection and activity platform. We connect individuals, communities, and organizations together. Want to start a band, write a novel, volunteer? Peerity is here to make connection and collaboration effortless.

Our goal is to provide the tools and space for communities to thrive online. Think of us as Meetup meets Reddit meets Patreon meets Bitcoin.

Old social networks existed by exploiting users for data. You got to connect with friends and share cat videos, but in return you gave up everything about you.

Despite social media companies making millions and billions, all you got was this crappy t-shirt. Wait, you didn't get the t-shirt? That sucks!

With Peerity, our success is your success. And unlike some other networks, we won't sell your data or allow employers or the government to log in and snoop on you.

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We take privacy seriously

We believe that your data is for you. It should be used for you and not against you. What you do on Peerity stays on Peerity and is nobody else’s business. See our terms of use for details

For Communities

Communities can use Peerity to find and recruit members who are interested in their causes. A Peerity community can raise funds, launch projects, advertise services, and more.

For You

Create your profile and get effortlessly connected to people, communities, and organizations with similar interests and goals that are local to you. Plus, you will automatically get Peerity tokens based on activity that you can redeem for site features or exchange for cash.

For Organizations

Established organizations can use Peerity to connect with those interested in their brand, products, or goals.

Our Team

Brenn Hill

Brenn is an experienced engineer who has helped build sites with millions of daily users and global reach. He first got interested in crypto not as a currency but instead for its potential to stop corruption and build transparent systems. After years of successfully leading international development teams, he sees the opportunity to use those skills to build a better future. An avid traveler through SEA and other parts of the developing world, he sees the power of crypto to end corruption as revolutionary.
When he manages to get away from his computer, he plays guitar and is pretty good at Tekken.

Tuan Pham Anh

Tuan has strong technical experience in computer hardware and software. He started his professional career in 2003. Over the years, he helped build many enterprise and government projects, his last project for the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam to track commercial and public vehicles receives and processes hundred of millions messages daily. He is also a passionate entrepreneur, he graduated Founder Institute batch 2016 with his startup about IoT. When realizing the potential of bitcoin and blockchain, he got interested in the crypto scene and which ultimately lead to his involvement in Peerity.

Jan Schets

Jan has been an online entrepreneur and crypto evangelist for the last 5 years. After being heavily involved in the early altcoin miner scene, he realized that the potential of blockchain goes beyond digital currency. His previous career in datacenter network and security combined with the marketing and management skills he picked up from running several online businesses, gave him the ideal background to successfully manage complex projects from start to finish without losing sight of the big picture and getting bogged down with details. When he managed to peel himself away from his computer screen, he enjoys talking about voluntaryism and the flawed financial system. If you buy him a drink and start talking about banks, you're in for a long night!

Forrest Alcamo

Forrest brings unique experience and connections to the table. A professional snowboard career was halted abruptly in 2013 when he ended up with an injury that led him to look in other directions. Having heard of bitcoin and even earning a few of them while working two different side jobs, he started to look deeper into the potential that the underlying technology could offer the world. This is where he started to see technology as the inevitable path to a brighter future. As he continued learning and raising awareness for the technology and its different use cases through a project he started called Satoshi Garden, he discovered that he learns best by teaching what he knows. Forrest has seen many projects come and go and was always searching for that “one project” that would bring the benefits of blockchains and their crypto tokens to a mainstream audience. Now he is excited to be a part of a project and team that believes they will do just that.

Neil Sisson

Neil Sisson

Neil is a veteran digital marketer with a career working in and around the technology sector for more than 17 years. Neil has been an expert in social media, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and has set up numerous online business ventures and helped hundreds of client's make the internet work harder for their business. Neil has founded local communities for digital marketing professionals and WordPress professionals and has both written on both subjects and has created and delivered Inbound Marketing, social media and e-commerce training. Neil has a passion for emerging technologies and loves to help people. He believes in freedom of speech, equality and the right to privacy. His single over riding mission in life is to leave the world a better place than when he entered it and sees Peerity's mission to revolutionize the social media scene and peer to peer commerce as a key component in achieving that mission. Neil has a massive passion for traveling and is currently exploring the world as a digital nomad, experiencing new cultures, people and foods.

Tien Do

I'm a javascript developer, who is passionate about technology, the web and its movement, especially Reactjs & Node. I found that the current fast-paced moving progress of the web is extremely fascinating. With years of experience working on the web & in some distributed teams, I know how to contribute myself to the team to the fullest. Beside technology, I also have interest in finance, with the emerge of cryptocurrency, it's like having the best of two worlds in one place, just love it.

Jigyasa Singh

Jake Schneider

Jake Schneider

Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw

Amy Goodrich

Amy Goodrich

Advisory board

Gary Marchionini

Professor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,
School of Information and Library Science
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area

Jason W. Starin

Technology Innovator, Former CTO
Huntersville, North Carolina

Justin Fondriest

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