Democratizing the Social Web with Self Directed Communities, Commerce and Connection.

Redefine social media and your social life with a distributed, democratic social platform that rewards users for their posts, shares, and participation.

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Crypto Goes Social

Making tokens simple and intuitive brings cryptocurrency closer
to the wider social media audience.

Simple currency token PEER with intrinsic, in-platform value and price stabilization scheme

Token-based tipping and voting system integrated through messenger.

Unlimited ecosystem of tools for images, storage, content, crowdfunding and more

Proof of Stake Distributed Consensus for unlimited growth & higher fault prevention

How It Works

Step 1

Get started

Create a free AND private account on Peerity.

Step 2

Join the fun

Join or create new groups, events & activities, online and offline, including business pages, e-commerce, and crowdfunding initiatives.

Step 3

Earn tokens

Get paid with PEER tokens every time you and your group create or contribute to content, organizing events, and other online and offline social activities.

Why Peerity?

Own Your Data

For social media giants, you are the product. With Peerity your data is your own. If you decide to share or agree to see ads, a) you get paid for it, b) no-one sells your data, ever.

Own Your Content

Whatever original content you create on the platform, it belongs to you. Peerity is a safe space for creatives to share and even sell their work to friends, groups and other users.

Get Paid

Whenever you create and contribute to your group or the platform, you get rewarded with PEER tokens. You can use those to vote, buy products or tip other users on the platform.

Redefine Social

With active interests groups, events on- and offline, and initiatives, from crowdfunding to festivals, you can re-connect, get inspired and reshape your social life the way you always wanted it to be.

Enjoy Quality

PEER token reward system together with content analysis algorithm and super-moderators will promote original, fresh content that adds value. Click bait, fake news and plagiarism will be filtered against.

Have a Say

Peerity phase II will be a distributed democracy run by users with a PEER-based voting system. We work to solve the 'whales problem' experienced by other networks so that Peerity is democratic and transparent.

Peerity The Ecosystem

Peerity will come with a variety of tools and distributed web services, some being already built by Peerity developers, but majority offered by tested & approved providers. Every user will have an opportunity to provide services like image rendering, ID confirmation, cloud storage, etc. directly to users, and getting paid for it with PEER tokens.

Peerity The Marketplace

Peerity will offer a large marketplace for all kinds of services, products, and businesses, from e-commerce to art expositions and live events. We aim at connecting people directly with the opportunity and circumventing the expensive tech gatekeepers and intermediaries who increase the costs and lower revenues for the actual service providers or product manufacturers.


Tendermint PoS is the Next Big Thing in Cryptomarket

Proof of Stake Distributed Consensus powered by Cosmos multi-chain linkage is the next-gen blockchain technology which enables ultra-fast connections, sustainable energy usage and unlimited scalability, currently the biggest obstacles for Bitcoin and Ethereum based networks and apps.


About Us

We believe in decentralized, distributed and democratic internet of users coming together to reshape
the future of technology, economy, and communication.

Peerity provides a global network for anyone interested in connecting, creating and contributing both on- and offline. We think that rediscovering human connection without giant intermediaries exploiting every share and like will improve our social lives and create vast opportunities for entrepreneurs, non-profit and crowdfunding.

With easy access to smart contracts and intuitive payments via messenger and token tipping system, people will have an incentive to provide web services, share products, tip the quality content or fund events and initiatives.

The Team

Jan Schets Tuan Pham Anh Neil Sisson Paul Valencourt Tatijana Ivusa Natalia Nowakowska Subha Sharma

Advisory Board

Brenn Hill Gary Marchionini Karthik Iyer Jason W. Starin Justin Fondriest